We provide the products, the systems and the knowledge to guide you toward success

Our Mission, "Your Success is Our Success".

We are a Personal Development Success Education Company.


Our Services

The Personal Development Industry is a $60bil a year industry. Our courses and seminars are world class and you can only benefit from associating with people on purpose. Those who have direction and the right mindset.




Our Process

We offer an efficient way of thought tranformation. This is the 21st century. It is widely known that "Thoughts Become Things".

Therefore your thought process is the key factor for you to become who you want to be.

You are the reason for your successes and failures.


The Team

Instructors who care.

Without a focused team who are all on the same path, there is no progress. Our distributor base has one goal and that is success. 

True success comes when you deliver true value.

Our Culture

Join our growing community of positive and optimistic men and women who share your passion for growth, success, abundance and knowledge. We are on a mission to not only transform the lives of millions of people, but to transform the  Coaching and Personal Development industry.  

With over 20 years of "in the trenches" experience, we believe we can make a difference

Join us! 

Courses, Seminars and Training that go beyond. Learn how to see yourself, your results and your life from a completely different point of view. Gain new and empowering insights and distinctions that have the power to transform any part of your life. 



Value Marketing is Everything. Our full support and training makes sure you have the very best tools at your disposal at all times. We keep up to date with the best in social media and website efficiency.

Chrissy and Col providing services for a life of prosperity
Chrissy and Col showing the process for success
Chrissy and Col, Shane and Rachel Krider, Greg Strom

Life of Prosperity Pty Ltd

Interactive Personal Development Mindset Training and Success Coaching.

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"We know from experience that life can be better, more abundant and by design""

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